The ‘Boost the Boro lottery is registered with Stafford Borough Council under the Gambling Act 2005 with registration number 2004.  The promoter is Carol Bailey.

1. Aims and objectives
To raise funds for Stafford Rangers FC Ltd (the club) to be spent on projects to be determined by the club’s  Lottery Committee and announced at the start of each season.  The club reserves the right to alter these objectives during the season for any reason.  Any changes to the objectives during a season will be announced on the club website.
2. The Lottery Committee

    2.1 The lottery will be administered by a committee of not less than three people.  The responsibilities of the Lottery Committee include making and modifying rules for the lottery
    2.2 The football club’s Non-Executive Committee will appoint the Lottery Committee members to hold office for 12 months.  Lottery Committee members may be re-appointed when their period of appointment expires.
    2.3 The Lottery Committee will present a report on the activities of the lottery to the NEC at the end of each football season. 
    2.4 Lottery Committee members are eligible to be members of the lottery

3. Membership

    3.1 Membership of the lottery is open to anyone over the age of 16
    3.2 Membership is available either by monthly standing order for a minimum of £5 per month or (for the month to which the ticket applies only) by purchasing tickets for £1 each on match days at the ground or at the social club during opening hours on any day during the football season only. 
    3.3 Each one pound paid by standing order buys one entry per month into the draw.  Members who join by standing order will be allocated one number for each pound they pay and will retain those numbers throughout their membership of the lottery
    3.4 Cash tickets for entry into the draw in a month will be available for purchase up to and including the last Tuesday of that month.  This rule may be varied at the absolute discretion of the committee to accommodate one off events or anomalies in the fixture list.  
    3.5 It is a condition of membership that prize winners will allow their names to be publicised by the club and will, so far as practicable, assist the club in promoting the lottery e.g. by agreeing to be presented with their winning cheque at a home game.

4. Standing orders

    4.1 Standing order forms may be obtained from the club office on match days or via the club’s website.  Until an online facility is created, the standing order form should be printed off and completed by hand.  All standing order forms must be returned to the football club office by post or by hand after completion to be eligible for the lottery.
    4.2 Standing order payments are normally made on the 15th day of each month for entry into the draw in the next following month.  This date is earlier than for cash sales to allow time for administrative checks to be made to ensure that a standing order has not been cancelled.
    4.3 Membership of the lottery begins on the date the first payment under the standing order is made and ends only when the member cancels the standing order. 
    4.4 A member who wishes to increase the amount he or she pays under a standing order must complete a new standing order

5. The draw

  • 5.1 The draw will normally take place on the last Thursday of the month
  • 5.2 The draw will be made by means of electronic random number selection and will be conducted by not less than two members of the Lottery Committee.
  • 5.3 If a prize winner’s mandate payment is not received prior to the date of the draw the prize will be lost and a new prize winner drawn
  • 5.4 Winners will be notified as soon as possible after the draw. During the football season the first prize winner will be invited to attend the next convenient home game to be presented with their cheque. Details of the winners will be publicised on the club website and elsewhere at the club’s discretion as soon as all winners have been notified or, if that proves to be impossible, four working days after the draw. Prizes will be paid out by where possible by BACS transfer by the end of the month. Where this is not possible payment will be by cheque as soon as practicable thereafter.

6. The prizes

    6.1 The prize fund  will be set by the Lottery Committee from time to time but will never be less than 20% of all the money raised by the lottery in the month preceding the date of a draw, irrespective of the size of the prize fund.    The first prize will be approximately 2/3rds of the total prize fund.  There will be not less than two further prizes which may be cash or non-cash at the absolute discretion of the Lottery Committee.
    6.2 As the size of the lottery increases additional prizes may be introduced and the proportion of the prize fund allocated to the first prize reduced at the absolute discretion of the Lottery Committee.  The first prize will never be less than 50% of the total prize fund
    6.3 The club will notify prize winners who pay by standing order of any prizes they have won but the club cannot accept any liability if a member who pays by standing order fails to inform the club of a change of address
    6.4 While the football club will use its best endeavours to contact prize winners holding tickets bought for cash, it is the responsibility of the prize winner to contact the club to claim their prize and to prove entitlement to the prize by producing the winning ticket.
    6.5 Prizes may be paid either by cheque or bank transfer at the discretion of the Lottery Committee
    6.6 Any prize money which has not been claimed within three months will be returned to the lottery kitty

7. The money raised

    7.1 The club will hold all money raised through the lottery in a separate bank account and will publicise at the end of each football season how the money raised has been spent
    7.2 The Lottery Committee will so far as practicable consult annually with lottery members who pay by standing order about how money to be raised in future lotteries is to be spent but the final decision on how the money raised is actually spent is the committee’s.

5th January 2017